Tarzan is one of those fictional characters that everyone knows, having started out on book pages in the early 20th century before emerging as a movie star. Most recently, Tarzan has made the transition to the online casino marketplace after being reimagined as video slot by software developer Microgaming.

Slot Setup

Microgaming’s Tarzan Slot machine is notable for the creative decision to produce a five-reel slot that has four rows instead of just three. This means that Tarzan has 20 symbols rather than only 15, which has made it possible for Microgaming to exhibit 40 fixed paylines without it feeling like there are too many, even on mobile screens.

Wagering System

The wagering is simple to comprehend because players assign a total bet, as opposed to setting individual paylines. There are many different valuations that can be selected from £0.40 up to £40, with Tarzan proving to be quite affordable for most budgets. During general play, industry feedback suggests that Tarzan has a 97.00% return to player (RTP).

Theme and Design

The theme is pretty easy to explain because most people are familiar with the story of Tarzan growing up in the jungle and befriending the local wildlife. To convey this, slot developer Microgaming has spent time designing a rainforest with all of the flora and fauna that is most common in nature documentaries from places like the Amazon.

Special Features

Tarzan uses a familiar slot game trope by having wild symbols, but fortunately there is more going on with this functionality. Quite simply, the matching of five wild symbols on the very same payline will trigger the second-highest payout.

For players who are interested in the highest payout, they can seek this out by trying to reach the Bonus Wheel mini-game. To reach this portion of the game, players have to spin the reels until they attain three scatter symbols.

After getting all of the scatter symbols, will potentially one of a handful of rewards. The entry-level option is to receive 12 free spins, but these have added perks. First of all, Rolling Reels are intended to help players earn consecutive wins. And, second of all, Growling Wilds are designed to be stacked on the reels to help players win more frequently.

Then there is a charming mini-game called Pick-a-Potamus. Basically, this is an opportunity to earn cash winnings by picking from a herd of 12 hippos. This can deliver impressive rewards, but players are obviously going to find the 1,000x jackpot multiplier as the most appealing if they can unlock it.


Tarzan is great because of its impressive compatibility and easily understood design. However, you can try out Tarzan with free play mode if you want to test how it performs on your device or to see how the wagering works.

Tarzan balances simplicity with innovation by combining its usability with the expanded slot interface. You can make the most of out if by matching character symbols and reaching the special features.

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