The Skrill ewallet is a web-based payment method that functions similarly to PayPal by letting players send and receive funds all over the world. Among online casinos, Skrill is widely accepted for making transfers. To learn a little more, check out this special guide.

Using Skrill at Casinos

Before using the evoucher to fund your online gaming experience, it is worth understanding the pros and cons of Skrill casinos. For convenience, the most important are outlined underneath…

Why to Use Skrill

  • Security

– A Skrill payment is more secure than with a credit card because players only have to log in to their account to complete the process. With credit cards, the risk stems from submitting numbers that are intercepted by hackers.

  • Convenience

– Credit card payments require multiple fields to be entered, whereas Skrill allows for players to simply log in to complete their transaction.

What to Look Out For

  • Accurate information

– Given its secure design, players have to ensure they take care to enter all of their information correctly. Otherwise, they risk not having their funding methods approved or account created for use, which would then raise security clearance issues.

  • Funding methods

– Players who use credit cards to fund their Skrill account should track their online banking more frequently to ensure they are not going too close to their limit.

How Skrill Compares

Skrill is remarkably similar to fellow ewallet Neteller, so there is not much value in comparing the two. However, it is worth pointing out that Skrill has much greater coverage in online gambling. By comparison, PayPal appears much less often as an accepted method, which can restrict the options of PayPal players.

Parent company Optimal Payments also owns paysafecard, which varies from Skrill in that it functions as an evoucher. Therefore, players purchase it their evouchers offline before entering the concealed code online to unlock the funds. Although highly secure, paysafecard is not widely utilised as a withdrawal method, making it tough to remove winnings.

Skrill is widely accepted by casino sites and can provide greater security and convenience compared to credits cards or other payment methods. As such, making a switch to Skrill makes a lot of sense for most players.

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