There are countless payment methods serving the global online casino industry, but one of the simplest and safest has to be phone bills. Select operators have been accepting phone bill payments for some time now, with other new online casinos launched in 2018 beginning to accept them as well. Thankfully, they are as simple as they sound.

How Do Phone Bill Payments work?

At phone bill sites, you have the power to make a cash deposit now that will be debited to your mobile bill for payment at a later date. Here is a step-by-step guide of what to expect from most phone bill casino sites:

  1. Register Your Account – Creating a new account is always the first step. A casino will not permit you to play without one. Just click on the register button of the casino you want to join and then provide the information required.
  2. Make Your Deposit – It will depend on the casino whether or not you get to register during the account setup process. Either way, this next step is simple. When you are with the banker/cashier portion of the casino, choose to make a deposit. Enter how much you wish to deposit and then elect to do so by phone bill. The casino will already have your mobile number from the registration process.
  3. Pay for the Deposit – Wait for your next phone bill and then pay for it as normal. You will see your deposited funds debited alongside your usual costs.

Understand the Pros and cons

There is a wonderful simplicity to the concept of mobile casino deposit by phone bill. Being able to make an instant deposit in just a couple of rapid steps is much less taxing than the repetitive act of re-entering credit card information over and over again.

Another pro is that that you avoid providing credit card information, which makes your transactions even more secure. You get to bypass the risk of a third party potentially intercepting your payment information. And that is an unfortunate possibility of playing with casino sites that do not have SSL encryption. But now it is on to the cons…

These days, bank accounts are overpopulated by transactions, direct debits, and standing orders. Keeping track of all comings and goings can be extremely tough, even if you do have outstanding online banking. And that is the single major con of mobile casino pay by phone bill as a concept.

Quite simply, it is all too easy to lose track of what you are spending if you do not set a budget in advance. The act of crediting a deposit to your mobile phone bill, which you will not receive in its complete version until weeks later, and then paying for it later can potentially leave you heavily short on money. That is why you should always set a monthly budget in advance and stop when it has been depleted.

How Does It Compare to PayPal?

Security and simplicity are the most easily identifiable features of using either phone bill payments or playing on PayPal casino sites. For the latter, you get to process rapid transactions simply by logging in to PayPal and completing a transfer. You do not have to enter address details or credit card detail. Those hassles are as absent for phone bill payments as they are for PayPal.

However, PayPal does come out on top for receiving payments. With phone bill payments, you will need to arrange for a bank transfer or cheque to be sent, thereby adding on admin time you had hoped to avoid. Of course, it does not feel so tedious when you are claiming a significant sum of money.

Phone bill payments are gradually rising to prominence among online casinos, and it makes complete sense. The simplicity and security of these transactions are difficult to pass up.

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