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Slot games have been ever-present in land-based casinos since companies like Bally Technologies made them popular in the ‘60s. They would later transition into the digital world when online casinos first emerged in the ‘90s. Two decades later and slot games on new online casinos for 2018 are more advanced than ever. Start your slots education with our breakdown of the key terms below.

Reels – Online slot games are most commonly designed with five reels. These are vertical in nature and sit alongside each other. Another common feature of reels is that they will display three symbols. That five by three array will ensure that 15 symbols can share the reels at once. Of course, some online slots will switch things up by using fewer reels or displaying more symbols on each for added innovation.

Paylines – This term is used to describe the coloured lines that will appear from left to right on the screen when you click the numbered icons next to the reels. Landing three or more identical symbols one after the other on a payline will trigger a payout. For the most part, however, the symbols have to start from the left side of the screen to win, but you can get slots that also pay from right to left on paylines.

Bonus Rounds – The technological transformation of slots into video slots has also brought bonus rounds to heighten the action. What happens in a bonus round will entirely depend on the slot, but it will likely comprise of a mini game that lets you win money.

Free Spins – Often you will find that landing three scatter symbols simultaneously on the screen will trigger free spins. Basically, this will result in a specified value of free spins being applied to your last stake. Follow this link to learn more about free spins.

Multipliers – These values are used to multiply your stake to determine the amount of winnings you receive. Every positive outcome in a slot will trigger a multiplier, but the size will depend on the rarity of the outcome.

Progressive Jackpots – Progressive slots are designed to take a portion of every staked bet and pool them in a jackpot fund. Some progressive jackpots are won at random, while others have set requirements before they can be triggered.

Starting Tips and Strategic Advice

The reality of online slots real money is that winning can be tough when you do not play smart. Slots feature a concept that is known as return to player (RTP), which highlights the percentage of money you can expect to win back in relation to your stake.

So, when you play a slot, it is a terrible idea to crash out after just a few spins when the RTP is going to be in the region of 95%. You need to make your bankroll last longer and get more spins to trigger the larger wins.

Your next piece of vital advice is to walk away after you have earned a hot streak of winnings. Keep playing and the slot will eventually work out in the game’s favour. Doubling your money in a bonus round is a great time to walk away.

You can also try out slot games without risking any money by playing free slots no deposit.

For online slots UK, our expert, honest advice will point you in the direction of the best slots.

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