Android casinos are essentially any online casinos which are compatible with Android operating devices. This means that not only are these mobile casino sites, they are also compatible with devices which operate on Android software.


Thanks to recent developments in technology both from the Android world and from the online casino industry, compatibility worries are becoming less of an issue than in the past. Previously, mobile players may have had to own an Apple (iOS) device in order to access their casino on the go, as the casino app would only be available from Apple’s App Store. Nowadays, thanks to HMTL 5 technology, new online casinos are instead available to play on both Android and iOS tablet and smartphone devices through the browser available on the device, in the same way you’d access a casino from your PC.

This offers a portable mobile version of your favourite casinos in your pocket, regardless of what kind of device you have. As more new casinos launch, and mobile and tablet software becomes more refined and hi-tech, you’ll find that there is practically no site that you’re able to play on iOS that you can’t play on Android.

Still, there may be specific apps which get a launch on iOS in the app store first, before becoming available to Android users, and there are also still sites which don’t offer as great quality or quantity of games to Android players as online players, however this is becoming rarer.

Android vs iOS

It’s the age old battle for any tech fan looking to buy a new smartphone or tablet, but it’s also important to consider the two types of device if you’re a fan of playing casino games online. Although the issue of compatibility may be lesser than in the past, there are still some differences in playing on the two devices. For example, Android smartphones are known for their larger screen size in comparison to iOS, making for a clearer display of your favourite games. Not only can you see better, especially with high quality 3D and HD games now available on mobile, it’s also easier to operate the games as there’s more space for your fingers to tap the controls.

In addition, the processors on Android have been envied by Apple, plus they almost always come with the option for you to add in your own additional storage when you like, unlike Apple devices which come with a set amount of free space. This means you can move files, pictures, music and games around your device and removable storage, meaning you’re less likely to run out of memory or have games crash on you, meaning that playing at an Android casino may be more ideal than on iOS.

Downloadable Apps vs Browser Based

As mentioned, the relatively recent sweep of HTML5 technology across the casino insudtry in 2014 has meant that you can now play your favourite casino games on the go from any give mobile casino site. Although Android casino apps do still exist, the fact that many people can stream a casino directly from their device and use the same account and login information as they did previously on their PC means that there’s less need for these.

Such apps still do exist and can offer something really worthwhile to play, however they often don’t give players as much games or promotions and incentives to play on than a direct site does.

One of the best things about the latest updates offering browser based mobile casinos is that players can enjoy Android casino no deposit bonuses. These are free sums of money awarded to players for signing up, without the need to deposit any of their own money first. This and loads more bonuses besides, along with the benefits listed above, are what make Android casinos the best sites for mobile players to play on today.

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