The years have not been kind to players hoping for Windows Phone casinos. Microsoft and Nokia’s inability to crack the Android stranglehold on mobile operating systems gave Windows Phone users an extremely limited selection of compatible casinos. Thankfully, all has changed and there is now hope ahead. Let us share the best Windows Phone casinos and give you a rundown on the key details.

Windows Phone Compatibility

There are almost no mobile casinos that are solely intended for Windows. Considering that Android has more than 80% of the smartphone market, it simply isn’t financially viable for developers to exclusively create casinos for Windows Phones. That being said, you can find the odd casino that has invested in Windows Phone casino apps, but they are merely to complement already existing Android and Apple equivalents.

Compatibility is now much less of an obstacle in the current marketplace. Software developers have embraced the power of HTML5 and how it can let create a single site for a casino. The one site is then capable of adjusting to be played on any device that features an HTML5 web browser. For this reason, Windows Phones are now capable of playing many different mobile casinos. Finding Windows Phone casino games is no longer so difficult.

Why Play on Windows Phone?

Since generation 7, these devices have been powered by a vastly improved operating system in the form of 8 and 8.1. The emergence of these superior operating systems has made HTML5 compatibility possible, in turn easing the compatibility issues that had long haunted Windows Phones across many apps and games – not just mobile casinos. Finding an 8.1 version of Windows Phone is incredibly simple.

Windows 10 Mobile represents the next step for these devices, and it makes perfect sense when you consider that laptops and PCs already have access to the desktop version. The upgraded software for smartphones works perfectly, and it is also possible for users to sync their devices for a consistent experience across all screens.

Processing Speed

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 devices are available in a range of dual-core and quad-core processors, with the latter being more powerful. In terms of functionality, the processing speeds can vary between 1.5 GHz and 2.0 GHz. Basically, these are extremely competitive processing speeds when compared to the smartphones made by Apple and Android’s various manufacturers.

Visual Standard

New devices have been built with 1440 x 2560 resolution across the 5.2-inch and 5.7 inch models. Each has been fitted with an OLED display to ensure that users can play games and browse the web with astounding clarity. This was a crucial step for Microsoft because Apple, Samsung, and Sony are renowned for the visual quality of their devices. Moreover, the use of OLED allows for quick and crisp use of touchscreen functionality in mobile casino games.

Android and Apple Comparisons

Android has an incredible selection of smartphones because many of the world’s foremost electronics companies use the operating system for their devices. Being able to choose from Samsung, Sony, and HTC helps users to find affordable smartphones that will not cost a fortune to purchase. Android’s status as the clear market leader is another advantage because of the levels of software support are higher from most developers.

Apple has no hope of catching Android, but could be at risk from Microsoft users turning to Lumia smartphones that can link up seamlessly with their Windows-powered laptops. Microsoft is getting ever closer in terms of visuals, processing, and functionality, but is not yet at the level of Apple’s craftsmanship. However, mobile casino games are not as demanding as video games, so Windows Phones can play them extremely well.

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