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New Casinos Online only uses personal information for the purpose of responding to queries and making improvements to the site to enhance your user experience. Some of the information might include but are not restricted to the following fields:

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Possible Uses of Personal Information

Having your personal information will enable us to better understand your needs and perceptions with a view to enhancing the experience of New Casinos Online for you and other users. Your personal information might be used for but will not be restricted to:

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Privacy Policy Alterations

New Casinos Online reserves the right to alter and/or update this privacy policy as and when required. Your best course of action is to view this policy regularly if you wish to remain constantly up-to-date. Any personal information used by New Casinos Online will only be subject to the current privacy policy. That is why you should endeavour to watch out for changes.

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Disclosure of Information

When required, New Casinos Online reserves the right to disclose individual personal information in accordance with requests made by government and law enforcement agencies for investigative purposes of illegal activities. New Casinos Online will also disclose information if needed to protect our systems, ourselves, or other users of the site.

Furthermore, New Casinos Online reserves the right to disclose personal information to the relevant authorities if complaints are made in regard to their inappropriate usage of

Data Security Measures

New Casinos Online has devised suitable security policies and implemented reasonable technical measures to safeguard all personal information gathered from our users. Our efforts have been made to do everything when our power to prevent unauthorised access, unpermitted modification, improper use or disclosure, and accidental loss or unlawful destruction.

For clarification on any of the rights, issues, or measures discussed in this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can provide you with a rational explanation to clarify any aspect of this privacy policy.