If casino table games are your specialty, then why not try your luck and play Online Blackjack where you could see yourself walking away with a huge sum of money, just by playing your favourite card game? If you’re a Blackjack fanatic, you’ll already be aware of the rules of the game. However, beginners must take note in order to cash in on some massive prizes. Each online casino rules may differ slightly from game to game, but here are the basic rules which should be able to get you started on no time!


As a popular American casino game, the aim of the game is to beat the dealer and reach up to 21 through the cards the dealer is handing you. If you exceed 21, then you are subsequently ‘bust’ and the game starts over.

The game will begin with the dealer asking the player to place their bets using the chips provided. Although there is a chance to play online Blackjack free, the player will be able to place the minimum and max bets in real play, which varies depending on the online casino and of course, the chip you choose. If you click on the chip you will be shown the value of the chip which gives you some guidance into how much to bet, depending on your confidence!

The dealer will hand you your first card face down and the other card face up. You will then be required to turn over the card which is face down to reveal the total of your initial two cards. If you feel the need to be dealt more cards in order to reach 21, you can do so by clicking the card deck and pressing the ‘Hit’ button, however if you exceed 21 you will lose the game and go bust straight away.

In terms of what the cards represent, an ace can act as a one or 11 and any face cards (King, Queen or Jack) act as 10. One of the most desired card combinations to unveil in Blackjack is the ace and a face card which takes you straight to 21 and you will win the game and 1.5 times your bet. You can also win your bet if you reach 21 before the dealer.

Players can also ‘Split’ their hand of cards if their first two cards equal the same value and they will be put into a separate hand where you could win double your original bet.


It’s always worthwhile to hit the ‘Insurance’ button if you feel the need to protect your bet from the dealer and to prevent them from getting Blackjack before you.

Other tips to mention are to be sure and hit a ‘Soft 17’ which means an ace and a 6 and stand on it. It’s also worth to stay on a hard 17 in order to beat the dealer.

If there is a free option to play at a no deposit casino, it would be worthwhile to enter the demo round of Blackjack, so you get a feel of how it works before you bet on real money. It will help you practice your online Blackjack strategy too!


If you can try find a 5 deck Blackjack game, this would be more to player’s advantage rather than a 6-8 deck. Also, similar to most slot and casino games, the more money you bet, the more money you will win but remember to play responsibly and within your limits.

If you are sitting on a hard 16 – which isn’t a pair of 8’s- and the dealer is showing a 9, 10 or an ace then it’s recommended to surrender.

How can I play for free?

There are many new online casino websites which offer no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses which ultimately let you play for free – this means that you can see if Blackjack is your thing before making your deposit. Take a look at the casino sites at the top of this page to see where you can play Blackjack without affecting your bank balance.

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