The majority of mobile casinos are now providing instantly-play access through web browsers, but there is still a significant group of casinos that are maintaining real money casino apps. This special guide is here to update you on how to get a better experience with real cash casino apps.

Real Money Casino Apps vs Just for Fun Apps

The fundamental distinction is that you can never win real money while playing just for fun apps. Ultimately, this could lead to frustrating moments when you get the exact number of the roulette wheel or match five of the same symbol on a slot machine.

Social Comparison

Real money casino apps are designed to financially reward players for their success, whereas there is no ability to offer this in just for fun apps, as they are driven by access to social apps. In this sense, just for fun apps can offer something different by connecting with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

In-app Spending

Another point to make about just for fun apps is that they are designed to encourage in-app spending in order to exist. If players use them for free then they make complete sense, whereas it’s questionable to spend money on gambling games and not have the ability to earn winnings.

Games You Can Find on Real Money Apps

Android, iPhone, and iPad are now highly sophisticated, so games look better than ever on these devices. Meanwhile, the sophisticated touchscreen technology is now highly advanced and can offer even better functionality.

Mobile Slots

Slot games are ideal for mobile screens because players only make a couple of on-screen decisions before starting the game, including wagering and perhaps the number of active paylines.


Blackjack has always worked well on smaller screens because players can easily view a few cards on the screen. Meanwhile, the wagering is relatively basic and does not requite the complex selection of options.


Arguably, it’s better to play mobile roulette on the larger screen of a tablet or “phablet” smartphone. Roulette has a vast amount of different betting decisions that can be tough to select if the screen is too small. These games have been refined are now better than in the past, but it’s always helpful to have more screen space.

Tips for Choosing Real Money Casino Apps

For the final section of this guide, it’s time to share the best tips for helping you find suitable real money apps:

  • Secure banking: You need to know your money is safe, which is why you need secure banking. You can make sure of this by using apps that are compatible with secure e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill.
  • Variety of games: Before you commit, make sure there will be enough games to keep you entertained. Slots are the priority, but it also helps to have blackjack and roulette.
  • Gaming Software: Look at the software to see if there are multiple providers. You might get bored from being at a casino with no other gaming software.
  • Mobile compatibility: Casino apps are almost exclusively designed for Android and iOS, while other mobile operating systems are dependent on browser-based access. Make sure to consider compatibility before signing up anywhere.

Real money apps have financial rewards that just for fun apps simply cannot match, which more than makes up for the lack of social integration.

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