Alternative payment methods like e-wallets, e-vouchers, phone bills, and virtual credit cards give players the power to control the security of their own finances. From those methods, it would have to be e-wallets that are the most common. And although PayPal is so popular, it does not match the widespread acceptability of Neteller within the global online gambling industry.

Top Casinos that Accept Neteller

Online casinos that use Neteller can excel in a number of ways, but the great ones can deliver in multiple areas. These include multi-developer gaming content, mobile compatibility, and generous promotions, with live dealer games a possible extra. After considerable evaluation, we can recommend the sites below as the top Neteller casinos.

What Makes Neteller Good for Casino Deposits?

Neteller is closely comparable for a number of reasons. And this starts with the fact that both are e-wallets that can be connected with bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. The next similarity is that both streamline the deposit process by letting players load funds by only submitting their login details. However, PayPal is at a slight disadvantage because Neteller casino payments are more common.

E-wallets represent another core options for players, but the choice is pretty much limited to paysafecard now that Ukash has been acquired. There are other e-wallets in the world, but none come close to matching the acceptance rate of paysafecard. The advantage of using paysafecard is that players can hold back their sensitive details because they buy cards in person. But the drawback is that paysafecard is not a dependable withdrawal method.

Phone bill payments are yet another way in which players can deposit without a credit card or debit card. This can be done either through crediting a deposit to a phone bill or by using a platform like Boku. Paying later is an advantage for many players, but it can become a disadvantage in the long-term for those who do not track their finances.

What is Neteller?

Neteller first emerged in 1999 and has managed to grow into a payment provider with a presence in more than 200 countries. This payment method came just a year after PayPal was founded, and PayPal’s rise helped to lay the foundations for Neteller to thrive in recent years.

Users of this payment method can use the website to manage their account via the various tools at their disposal. But then it is also possible for Android users to download the Neteller app to control their finances. As of spring 2016, there are no plans for a Neteller iOS app. The likely reason is that Apple wants to focus on Apple Pay.

Years ago, Neteller’s management made the shrewd decision to setup partnerships with online casinos and other online gambling operators. Neteller continued with this approach until it became much more widely accepted than PayPal. Basically, finding Neteller casinos is much easier than for PayPal.

Getting Started

Create your account– should be your first port of call. Click to join and then fill in the various fields, including name, date of birth, address, contact details, and anything else.

Link a payment method– You can start using a Neteller account by linking a bank account, credit card, or debit card. This is done by selecting a preferred method from within your Neteller account. Input the details and Neteller will send a code with a micro-transaction to your payment method. After receiving the code, enter this on Neteller to link the two.

Deposit by Neteller– Let’s say that you want to play live casino Neteller games. Go to a site that displays Neteller as an accepted payment method and also provides live dealer games. Register an account and then you will have the option to make a Neteller deposit within a couple of minutes if the casino has good setup.

That wraps up this special guide on Neteller online casinos. Keep coming back to for more in-depth guides.

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