Gambling and superstition are intertwined for many players, whether it’s lucky numbers and colours or charms and trinkets. And when it comes to those charms and trinkets, some gamblers will take their superstitions even further by getting lucky tattoos inked on their bodies. This means their lucky charms will always be with them and they will never be at risk of losing them.

Best Casinos for Getting Lucky Without the Ink

You will have no need for casino tattoos when playing online, as there are plenty of great sites offering extra funds to give you more chances to win. Here are some of our favourite options:

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The Most Common Gambling Tattoos

When it comes to gambling tattoos there are some varieties that are much more popular than any others. After seeing and reading about them below, you will know exactly what we are talking about. In fact, you might even have them in your mind already.


Horseshoes are popular tattoos because they symbolise luck and fortune. Going back into lore and legend, it is said a blacksmith called Dunstan outfoxed the devil. Ultimately, Dunstan managed to get the get the devil to agree to never enter a building with a horseshoe hanging over the door. Dunstan would eventually become a saint.


Dice epitomise luck for many people – not just casino players. However, those from the latter category have been known to get dice tattoos that display their lucky number of else the best possible outcome. When it comes to dice, these tattoos also express a more carefree attitude, as players do not know what they outcome they will encounter.

Poker Chips

These tattoos also work for blackjack and roulette, nut poker epitomises the act of pulling a tall stack of winnings back towards you. When it comes to the lure of poker chip tattoos, some players will like these because they display success and galvanise winning. With poker chips, these can also be combined with other relevant imagery such as dice and cards to form a larger tattoo.

Suited Cards

Taking things forward, some players will choose specific suited cards as their lucky tattoos. And when beauty of cards is that there are so many choices, whether you like the faces, numbers, colours, or suits. Altogether there are many possibilities with card tattoos.

Among rock fans, the ace of spades is an extremely popular option because of the iconic rock song. The number seven is also popular, with players able to attach their favourite suit. Basically, there is a wealth of options here.

4-leaf Clover

“The luck of the Irish” is a saying that is renowned in the English-speaking world, with Ireland being the mythical land of leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, harps, shamrocks, and the four-leaf clover.

Unlike some of the aforementioned images, the four-leaf clover can be found in the real-world. However, given its rarity, this form of clover is seen as lucky because you are highly unlikely to find it. In Celtic culture, the four-leaf clover is said to bring luck.

Never forget that proper tattoos are permanent without extensive medical treatment. Lists like these are about having fun and you can easily make do with lucky charms and trinkets instead. Stick with for more entertaining guides.

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