Players might not realise it, but some of their favourite online casinos are integrating video game elements to enhance their wider experience. To introduce the concept, here is an informative guide to help you get to grips with gamification at casino sites.

What is Gamification?

Fundamentally, gamification is the use of video game and sports concepts in other areas of life that are not commonly associated with those. In recent years, some select online casinos have decided to enhance players’ experiences through the integration of gamification techniques. VIP schemes and promotions have been around for years, but gamification can create excitement again. Here are some of the top forms:

Side games

As part of some welcome packages, casinos will grant players access to a spinning wheel or carnival-style side game that is determined at random. In doing so, players have the chance to earn extra bonuses or free spins, but there are more exciting approaches.


Nowadays, there are casinos that encourage players to create a character to represent them. This approach is designed to let players form a connection, which will deepen as they level up their character through earning experience points (XP). As they improve their character, players will earn more rewards like in a VIP scheme.

Missions and Quests

Missions or quests are often integrated in role-playing, with players able to progress through a magical land as they advance their character. Along the way, players can unlock rewards for their progress. Meanwhile, missions offer a similar approach, but players need to reach targets to earn rewards (for example: winnings or reaching bonus rounds).

Un-lockable Content

A more questionable form of gamification is to withhold access to games until players have fulfilled the entrance criteria. Unlocking rewards makes sense because players are not guaranteed access to freebies, whereas they can simply visit another casino to play the games that are withheld from them.

Why Do Casinos Use Gamification?

Fundamentally, casinos use gamification technology they want to form stronger connections with players and outdo competing sites. By nature, gamification is an innovative concept that can rapidly have impact if integrated well. Compared to historic tools like VIP schemes, gamification apps can readjust these principles and stimulate excitement among players.

If casinos can use this concept to create something new and interesting, then they have the potential to improve player retention. And this is a good thing because innovative casinos are more likely to invest in technology and try to continuously improve their sites for the better.

Gamification also has tremendous potential for appealing to younger players who appreciate new and exciting things. Casino sites are never guaranteed to have players, so they have to be worthy of their attention. Younger players enjoy many different gaming experiences, so it’s logical to introduce these into casino sites if possible.

Now that you’ve read this special feature, you can start to see elements of gamification in your favourite sites.

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