The Dark Knight trilogy of films is known for being a crime saga with quality at the core. After evolving the way superhero movies are made, the trilogy has been viewed by millions. And those people can now play the Dark Knight Rises slot, which is based on the third film in the series and currently available at Microgaming online casinos.

Slot Design

Fans of the film might recognise that the backgrounds of the slot and the playing-card symbols are taken from the promotional posters. To further set the scene, slot creator Microgaming has also included officially licensed symbols with characters from the film.

As for the interface, this is made up of five reels and three rows. This allows for 15 symbols to appear, with many of these capable of playing video clips. The darkest clips from the film will never be displayed, but Microgaming has at least ensured that some of the more action-driven moments are shown.

Game Rules

Microgaming has implemented rules that will let players adjust the coin size within a range of values between £0.01 and £0.50. The next wagering level will let them play with one, two, three, four, or five coins. As a result, £0.30 is the minimum bet and £75 is the maximum. During action, players win in 243 different ways.

Special Features

The first of the three features is Split Wilds, which can result in wild symbols being divided into two. An advantage of this outcome is that the extra wild can match six symbols on a payline when the normal limit is five. At this time, a 2x multiplier will also be applied.

Symbol Scramble is a feature that can randomly trigger to salvage a non-winning spin. Like a group of knights in shining armour, this feature can prove to be a saviour. After activating, all of the symbols on the screen will rearrange themselves to create the best-possible combination.

Completing the special features is Free Spins Accumulator, and it’s easily the most exciting of the three. Quite simply, this is because Batman and villainous foe Bane will appear randomly during non-winning spins to do battle on the screen. A combination of free spins and multipliers will be dished out as rewards.

Playing Strategy

Free Spins Accumulator can be highly rewarding whether players get to experience the Bane or Batman versions. And considering that this feature is triggered at random, there is no telling when it will appear exactly. Therefore, it is worth trying to make funds last a little longer to trigger the various features. Persistence will also be required from the ambitious players who want to try and eventually unlock the huge jackpot of 890,000 coins.


Fans of the Dark Knight video slot will appreciate getting to play a sequel. That being said, it is explained in any good the Dark Knight slot review that the previous game had a progressive jackpot. Unfortunately, though, the sequel is lacking in this regard. Nevertheless, there is more than enough visuals and special feature to still keep players entertained.

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