In March 2016, a groundbreaking partnership was announced in the online gambling industry. Now that Paysafe Group and Emerchants Ltd are working together, European online gamblers will be able to claim their winnings instantly when they start to use the combined service delivered by the payment solution providers.

After striking the deal, Emerchants Europe Managing Director Stuart Green was clear in the benefits for players. Ultimately, he explained that players would have a quicker and simpler payout system. In turn, Green expects the new system to improve the wider player experience and enhance loyalty.

How It Works

The deal will give Emerchants access to Paysafe’s infrastructure, with the Australian payment specialist able to give European online gambling operators the ability to provide players with an instant payout service. How it will work is that players will receive a branded card with their winnings, thus eliminating the common waiting period of three or more working days.

Paysafe has been a long-term member of MasterCard, so players who take advantage of the new service will have the freedom to use their payout card to claim winnings online, at cash machines, or even in shops. A portion of the winnings can even be used by players to top up their bankroll with their preferred online gambling site.

Addressing an Imbalance

Online gambling operators have found no difficulty in processing deposits instantly across most types of payment methods. Meanwhile, there has been a drawn-out process for players who wish to rightfully claim their winnings. On balance, the system has not been fair to players, so now there is hope that at least some of the payment providers care about the players.

For e-wallets, players have generally experienced the quickest withdrawal speeds at approximately three working days. However, this period can increase to five working days and beyond for credit/debit cards. In either case, it has been a dated approach where players are made to wait days for their money when making a deposit is a transaction that can be completed instantaneously.

A Powerful Alliance

Paysafe is a pillar of the online gambling industry, with a vast majority of sportsbooks, casinos, poker rooms, and bingo sites all dependent on the group for its market-leading web-based payment methods. In online gambling, PayPal is just not as widely available when compared to Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard.

As a trio, Paysafe’s two e-wallets and one e-voucher can be found at almost any online gambling site in the world. Therefore, European players should not take this announcement lightly, as this is a step that has been made to improve their experience. For payment providers, they want players to have quicker and smoother access to their winnings.

In the Australian gambling market, Emerchants has secured deals with some of the largest operators doing business in the nation. At present, some of the most famous clients include William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Sportsbet. Now, what this means to players is that Emerchants is a proven provider of payment services to online gamblers.

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