Celebrities have only become more important as technology has developed. Now that your favourite stars can share Instagram updates of their daily lives in a second, it is even simpler to keep track of what they are up to. This latest feature is entirely devoted to reviewing the best celebrity slots and letting you know where to find them.

Top Celebrity Slot Titles

Celebrities love a good licensing deal, and who can blame them? Not when you can be immortalised in a computer game played by thousands. So far, here are some of the best celebrity-themed slots to hit the marketplace.

An Evening with Holy Madison

Once known for being one of Playboy impresario Hugh Hefner’s many girlfriends, she now has her very own Holly Madison slot machine. Holly’s glamorous style is evident throughout, with various sparkling trinkets appearing as symbols on the five reels. Developer NextGen has give players 30 paylines to wager on, with free games, wild symbols, and an expanding Holly Goes Wild Feature included.

James Dean

James Dean is iconic for his handsome looks in cult-classic Rebel Without a Cause, but is widely known for dying at 24. NextGen is also responsible for designing the James Dean slot, which has been designed with cinematic symbols, five reels, and 25 paylines. James Dean’s slot also comes with special features, including re-spins, wilds, free games, and a pick bonus.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was known all over the world for being a martial arts and movie star before dying tragically at 32. In his honour, Williams Interactive has made a special Bruce Lee slot that steals the show by integrating 50 paylines along the five reels. Along with the wild symbols, players will also have the prospect of up to 15 free spins and an Enter the Dragon bonus round where the free spins total will not diminish.

Dolly Parton

Simply titled Dolly, this slot from Leander Games has been made to celebrate the louder than life style of this American country music star. Well, players can now enjoy Dolly Parton slots at various Leander casinos, where they will have a five-reel slot and 40 paylines to win on. Dolly’s star power has also earned her more special feature than the average slot, with examples including Wheel of Wealth, 9 to 5, Heartbreak Express, and Dolly’s Album.

Online Slots with Celebrity Themes

With celebrities, the lure of agreeing to license a video slot is not merely a financial decision, as they will also be driven by a desire to further their image and increase their start power. And while that often applies to living celebrities, it can also be the case that families of dead celebrities will license out games to fund their estate and maintain museums.

Citing the examples above, these slot games will be especially appealing to fans of the celebrities. Ultimately, it is nice to support your favourite stars, so it is also a payoff in that sense. Another benefit is that developers can be contractually obliged to adhere to higher standards and put in more effort for the slots. Therefore, you will often find that these types of slots can be better designed than many others.

This special feature was written based on using good celebrity slots. Unfortunately, it is possible to encounter some that are not so well-designed. In these instances, the feeling of exploitation can be unavoidable, and that is frustrating to deal with. Another minor con is that some players will not like the celebrities they encounter.

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