There is a thrill of playing casino games with real-life dealers that a fully computerised version cannot quite match. For this reason, casino software developers made it a priority to innovate by developing live dealer games several years back. Playtech and Microgaming were the pioneers of the live dealer online casino, but many more developers have since created their own versions.

Top Live Casino Sites

First and foremost, the sites that perform best in our live casino reviews are the ones that deliver on functionality. This covers how smooth the gameplay is and whether or not there is mobile compatibility. The next thing to come into play is how generous a casino can be for providing bonuses and promotions. You can check out our highest rated live casinos below.

Best Live Dealer Games

Blackjack is a great game for novice players to try out. The act of playing one-on-one with a dealer and making basic decisions on whether to hit or stick helps to relieve pressure. Next to roulette, this is one of the most common live dealer games, so it is very easy to find.

Additionally, blackjack typically has an extremely high return to player (RTP) average of 99% or higher. Anybody who plays with basic blackjack strategy will encounter a 0.17% house edge with a single deck, while that will increase to just 0.66% with eight decks.

Roulette is the next logical game to cover and is a bona fide staple of live casinos. This can be a more dazzling and dramatic game compared to the laid back style of blackjack, but this comes at a cost. The sheer volume of betting decisions can be overwhelming for novice players, who will take longer to learn roulette strategy than they will blackjack.

Comparatively, roulette has a lower RTP than blackjack. The typical 99% average of blackjack will diminish to 97.3% for European Roulette, which has a single zero. Meanwhile, the 94.7% RTP for US roulette is less favourable again because there is a double zero. The lesson here is to stick with European roulette for a higher RTP.

Baccarat sounds exotic, but players should not be fooled by the name. In fact, the roots of this game are in social environments where players would have conversations. To make this possible, the game had to be easy to play, and is best described as a simpler version of roulette.

Blackjack and baccarat are pretty close for RTP, but can vary depending on the casino. Players should always ask the casino if they want to know the exact RTP. There are expected RTPs in the industry, but not every site will adhere to those standards.

What to Look Out For

Some casinos have specialised live dealer apps, whereas others let players load up the games directly from their mobile browsers. Check mobile compatibility with the casinos to ensure you can access the content.

Standard welcome bonuses are often prevented from being used on live dealer games, and this will be stated in the terms and conditions. However, some of the larger casinos do have live bonus offers that have been specifically designed for these games. Always check to see what is available when signing up.

Getting Started

Create an account– Registering an account is the first step with new live dealer casinos. Simply complete the required fields to finish this step quickly.
Download Software– Download any software or mobile apps that are required, but this is not common as many live casinos are accessible directly within web browsers.
Deposit correctly– This is the most important piece of advice, as some casinos will not let players use their first cash deposit on live dealer games if they have also claimed a bonus. Check the terms and conditions and/or turn down any bonus funds to ensure you can play live games.

Thanks for checking out this informative guide for live casinos, which covers live dealer roulette UK and more.

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