Celebrities can get away with a lot but even stars pay the price when they behave badly at the casino. In this latest feature we explore celebrities who have been busted for out there behaviors.

The Naughty List

Over the years, a number of A-list celebrities have been kicked out of casinos for falling foul of the rules. Here, you will encounter some bona fide stars along with other highly recognisable names.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been known as a celebrity poker for years, even entering the World Series of Poker main event in Las Vegas. But Affleck’s gambling has not always been whiter than white, with the Batman having played in illegal poker games in Hollywood. However, he hit the headlines in 2014 when he was banned from all Hard Rock Casinos for counting cards in blackjack.

Paris Hilton

She tried to make it as a DJ, but Paris Hilton will always be better known for being a partying socialite. On occasion, Hilton has been reported to take her partying to extreme lengths. One example came when in 2010 when cocaine fell out of her purse and she was busted by Las Vegas police, causing Wynn Resorts to ban Hilton from their hotels.

One Direction

Although barely out of school, One Direction decided to celebrate their boy band superstardom by partying the weekend away in Las Vegas. However, it turns out that when you are the world’s most famous teenagers, Las Vegas casinos will stop you from entering their 21+ premises.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest-ever basketball players, enjoying his finest years with the Philadelphia 76ers. Although Iverson has been incredible on the basketball court, the one-time NBA most valuable player has been banned from casinos in Atlantic City and Detroit. Among his infractions are drunkenly tossing cards and chips at dealers.

Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne is the reason why Wynn Resorts will get a second mention on this naughty list. Unlike Hilton, however, Wynn has been unwilling to reveal why Wayne is banned. What we do know is that the news came to light when Wayne was prevented from entering a Las Vegas after-party in 2010.

Derren Brown

In this mostly American list, Derren Brown is flying the flag for UK celebs getting banned in casinos. The talented illusionist is renowned for his memory skills, and even made a show to teach people how to beat casinos. Brown has admitted to being kicked out and banned from most UK casinos.

Bonus: Celebrities Who Gamble for Good

While it can be funny to read about celebs gone bad, it is also nice to hear about the famous people who use their star power for good. In this bonus, here are the A-listers who helped out celebrity charities with their gambling.

Don Cheadle

Leading off the nice list is a talented actor who fictionally ripped off casinos in the Ocean’s 11 film. In real-life, however, Cheadle teamed up with a gambling operator for good when he partnered with Full Tilt Poker in 2009. Together, the two parties hosted the Ante Up for Africa tournament and managed to generate $2 million for people living in Sudan. Cheadle has a track record of playing in charity poker tournaments to raise funds.

Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett is best-known for being a co-star in the long-running US sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Alongside his acting, Garrett devotes considerable time running his Maximum Hope Foundation charity to help families cope when their children are affected by terminal illness. In 2016, Garrett’s charity partnered with the Charity Series of Poker to host a Florida poker tournament.

James Corden

After finding fame in the UK, James Corden has transcended the Atlantic Ocean to also be famous in the US, where he is known for hosting The Late Late Show. The comedian and talk show host has entertained millions, but he also helped a charitable cause when he won £32,000 in a special edition of Deal or No Deal. Before winning the £32,000, Corden gambled £16,000 to secure his place on the nice list for gambling.

Always make sure to behave well in casinos. Being banned from casino locations in the real-world will be nowhere near as funny as when it happens to celebs.

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