This is your ultimate paysafecard guide for finding casinos, discovering the advantages, learning the potential disadvantages, and understanding how to make your first deposit. Everything you will need to get started can be found right here on this page.

Advantages of PaySafeCard Deposits

Players can use prepaid cards like paysafecard to deposit securely at participating online casinos. These cards are essentially designed as a voucher that is paid for in advance, allowing for players to later redeem their cash deposit by submitting a unique security code hidden on the card.

Sites that take paysafecard allow for players to submit only their contact details to create an account, with deposits made using a secure e-voucher. Those who deposit with paysafecard will not need to submit their credit card details, an act that can potentially expose sensitive information to fraudsters. Buying a paysafecard in person allows for players to control the process with almost no risk.

Safety and security are two of the foremost advantages of playing with paysafecard casino sites, but budgeting would have to be another. This is because players are limited to spending the value of the paysafecard they purchase plus any winnings generated during gameplay. As a result, players can enjoy tight control over their online casino spending.

Possible Disadvantages

Using these e-vouchers is undeniably convenient for making deposits, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for withdrawing winnings. Technically, it is possible for online retailers and service provides to generate paysafecard pin codes that can be redeemed as cash. However, this service is almost unheard of in the entire online gambling industry.

In comparing paysafecard vs. PayPal, the latter is offers security and convenience for making deposits. But PayPal has an advantage for obtaining winnings because players can simply request a pay-out that can typically be completed within a couple of working days, which is usually quicker than credit or debit cards.

Withdrawals represent the only real disadvantage of using paysafecard, but you do have options. For instance, it is not out of the question to provide debit or credit card details to claim large sums of winnings. This will not happen all the time, so it can be viewed as an acceptable act for some players.

For those unwilling to submit any financial details online, they should be able to request that their winnings are paid in the form of a cheque sent to their personal address. Another option would be to contact the customer service team by phone to arrange for a direct wire transfer to their bank account. Both options would keep credit and debit cards out of the equation.

Making Your First Deposit

  1. Go to the shop – Pay a visit to a local paysafecard retailer and you can purchase an e-voucher worth £10, £25, £50, £75, or £100. Go to a PayPoint retailer and it will be possible to buy larger paysafecard e-vouchers worth £125, £150, £175, or £200. After purchasing a card, you are nearly ready to play.
  2. Find a paysafecard casino – is an excellent place to find online casinos that accept paysafecard. But you can also check for yourself by scrolling to the bottom of a casino’s homepage or viewing the banking section to see if the e-voucher is accepted.
  3. Sign up and deposit – Choose to create an account with an appropriate site. Click on a banking or cashier option and you will be able to submit your paysafecard pin code there. The funds should soon be available in your account.

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