A split is happening among mobile casino sites where some are continuing with apps while others have already made the transition to HTML5 in order to have a single platform that is accessible across all HTML5 devices. Here is where to learn about the pro and cons plus principal compatibility issues. Analysis is also provided on how social casinos compare.

Principal Compatibility Issues

In the brief history of the mobile casino, compatibility has always been an issue. Going back several years, there were either Android casino apps or Apple iOS casinos to develop their casino apps.

After setting up an app on one, they would then move on to the other. By that point, there was no point in developing apps for the Windows or BlackBerry, as the respective user bases were much smaller.

Upgrading mobile apps is a time-intensive experience, which is precisely why Windows and BlackBerry have suffered badly for compatibility. However, there is a sign of improvement ahead thanks to the emergence of HTML5 mobile sites, as these could be primed to take over from mobile apps.

Apps vs. Browser-Based Mobile Casinos

A mobile app has been specifically designed for a sole operating platform, which can be an advantage when, for example, you have an app that has been optimised for iPad. Having a dedicated app provides clear access, while also enabling you to enter the casino almost immediately from the home screen of your device. That level of convenience does have appeal.

Easily the biggest con of apps, however, is that they are extremely tedious to update and constantly require resources. Many of the mobile casino UK sites at the top of the market maintain Android, iPad, and iPhone apps. Naturally, each app then has to be updated every time that Android or Apple iOS brings out a new version. That led to functionality issues as the casinos scrambled to upgrade their apps.

Browser-based mobile casinos are definitely the future of the industry. That much is clear from the emergence of the HTML5 framework, which enables casino developers to create a single site that responds to the device on which it is accessed. Focusing on a single casino and not multiple iterations allows for casino sites that have launched recently to make superior offerings for players and use resources elsewhere.

The only real con about innovative browser-based casinos is if you have not yet upgraded to a device that supports HTML5. However, you will also be missing out on Android and Apple apps, as both of those operating systems support HTML5. Basically, the only major concern is with the casinos trying to maintain browser-based sites not built with HTML5. The responsiveness simply cannot compete.

Social Casino Apps vs. Real Money Casinos

Social casinos like Double Down and Big Fish are free to download and are available as apps via Facebook, Android, and Apple iOS to let you play with friends. However, those apps are not entirely free. Of course they are free to download, but those apps would go out of business without the expensive micro-transactions. These are for credits and the various unlock-able features.

Alongside micro-transactions, the next major con of social casino apps is that you cannot win real cash. No matter how much or how often you win, even if you spend on micro-transactions, you do not win money. That is an extreme detraction from playing social apps instead of real money games on new casinos UK.

But what does work really well for social apps is when they offer Facebook connectivity, which enables you to play for fun with your friends. Just make sure to avoid the micro-transactions and only play with the free credits doled out by the social casino.

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