Amazon’s highly functional Kindle Fire tablet can definitely be used to play mobile casino games. These cutting-edge devices are capable of so much more than reading e-books or browsing the web. Allow us to educate you on the leading Kindle Fire casinos plus everything else you need to know to have the best mobile gaming experience possible.

The Power of Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire’s 2011 release marked an evolutionary step up on Amazon’s more basic e-reader device, which emerged back in 2007. Amazon would take four years working to launch a tablet that would provide users with cutting-edge features. Incredibly, the original Kindle was unveiled three years before the first iPad and Samsung tablets. Amazon only needed a year in playing catch-up.

From a technical standpoint, a premium Kindle Fire can give you a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM. The processing is not far behind the 1.4 GHz devices produced by Samsung and Apple, but both manufacturers can climb close to 4GB RAM. Honestly, the only area where Kindle Fire does not quite compete is in visual quality. Samsung and Apple do edge out the Kindle Fire in this regard.

These devices can do most of what you would expect from a Samsung tablet, but this is because they use an Android operating system. Therefore, compatibility is rarely an issue for playing at a website or on casino apps for Kindle Fire. Of course, there is a divergence with iPhone and iPad apps. However, the web-based games are largely similar because they are created using the same HTML5 infrastructure.

Playing for Real Money

A search of Kindle Fire apps will let you uncover a multitude of casino options, but the overwhelming majority are just-for-fun and make money by encouraging in-app purchases. Please note that there is absolutely no way that you can win real money while playing these free casino games for Kindle Fire. Making the in-app purchases will only unlock new features or obtain new credits with which to play, but you cannot win real money.

Free apps offer a nice change of pace because you can play against your friends in many of them. However, they can limit you in terms of credit as a means of trying to get you to pay. But you can easily go to a real-money Kindle casino where your big successes will be rewarded in the form of winnings.

There is a sense of demoralisation attached to playing for winnings that you can never benefit from. Free apps do provide social benefits and can be useful for understanding casino games, but the clear fact is that they will never be as rewarding as the real thing. Your purchases can equate to real money at these casinos.

Finding the Best Kindle Casinos

The obvious starting point would have to be the bonuses. Every mobile casino will reward you with a special intro offer, but the quality of the deal can vary dramatically. You need to look past the lucrative values to the terms and conditions. Use the search function in your browser to hunt for the wagering requirements. Anything above 50x on a deposit bonus is not a good deal.

From a software standpoint, payment security is crucial. Look for SSL encryption, as this is the gold standard in web security. You should also expect at least several payment methods, including major credit cards plus secure methods like PayPal, paysafecard, and Neteller.

Also crucial in the software are the games. Make sure that your potential casino has a diverse selection of games. Some sites have small libraries and it is easy to grow bored. Another helpful tip is to look out for licensed slot games. This shows that your casino believes in quality software.

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