Keno is the oldest game that you can find at online casino sites, having ben played for thousands of years after originating in China. Software providers have since given us online casino real money keno to enjoy. This guide can help you find the best-quality and lots of helpful advice.

Top Keno Casino Sites

The sites on this special list were chosen for their ability to give you enjoyable keno casino games along with generous welcome offers. In our opinion, these are the best online keno casinos:

  • 777 Casino

– Claim 777 Casino’s £200 welcome bonus by entering the code “WELCOME777” with your first-time deposit. Visit cards and table games to find classic keno and a more modern version.

  • Grand Ivy

– The £1,500 welcome package is an astonishingly generous intro offer. At the time of writing, Grand Ivy does not have any keno games listed, but hopefully this will change soon.

  • Lucky Admiral

– You can join for two 100% match bonuses or a £10 no deposit offer. Lucky Admiral can give you a standard keno game to enjoy.

  • Wink Slots

– Join Wink Slots for up to £600 in bonuses and 80 free spins on your three initial deposits. Check out the casino games for a keno experience with a glamorous cartoon host.

Real Money Keno Games and Features

Keno games are most commonly available in a standard version, but there is the potential for some other variants that are outlined below.


888, Playtech, and Cozy Games are some of the software providers that are committed to letting players enjoy keno online for money. In this version, users will experience an isolated version that does not include other players.

The isolated design is good for letting you play keno instantly and without delay, but it does lack the social nature of the real-world game. Another limitation is that some software providers and casino sites do not currently offer online keno.


Keno fans will appreciate being able to enjoy this game on the mobile screens of their smartphones or tablets. The top software providers to offer mobile keno real money are Cozy Games and 888’s development arm.

Not being tethered to a desk or your home WiFi is an obvious advantage, but the main issue with mobile keno has to be the lack of support from software providers. Fortunately, there are some that believe in mobile keno.

No Deposit

There are online keno casinos like Lucky Admiral that will let you play the game without having to use your own funds. Compared to blackjack and roulette, keno is usually permitted for using no deposit funds.

Having the ability to clear wagering requirements at a 100% rate is a major advantage if you can find it, but this might be at the expense of accepting capped winnings.

Live Dealer

There is great potential for playing live keno online, considering how popular online bingo is in the UK. All it would take is a glamorous host guiding players through rounds of this enjoyable game.

Sadly, this is not a concept that has taken off. Evolution Gaming is the hottest software provider in the live dealer field, but even this company is yet to unveil a live keno experience with real-world dealers.

Online Keno Tips and Strategy

Before we finish this special keno guide, you are going to have the opportunity to read our best keno tips. Integrate these in your next keno session to have an even stronger strategy:

  1.  Check the version: Keno games and their rules can vary widely. Before playing, make sure to look a link to the rules or format. This will give you guidance on how to bet and what to expect.
    2.  Understand the basic odds: Keno is typically played with 80 balls and will let you pick up to 10 numbers. Picking more numbers can lead to a higher payout, but your odds of winning will be much greater. Meanwhile, the potential return drops from approximately 90% to 75% if you only back one number.
    3.  Keno is random:  You can select your favourite numbers or use patterns, but remember that the outcome is random and you have no direct impact on this.
    4.  Set targets and budgets: Play safe by stopping when you reach your target winnings. You should also walk away and halt the losses if your playing budget is used up.

Keno is not widely represented at online casino sites, but you can find it by using our help. Make sure to read this guide whenever you need to remember our helpful information.

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