Scoring a big win is an amazing feeling, especially seeing the money increase on a jackpot win. So, it makes complete sense that you want to be able to have faster withdrawals when claiming your winnings. To help you out, we have analysed the top sites to find the fastest payout UK casino brands.

At this stage, we need to highlight that it’s difficult to precisely benchmark sites for their online casino fastest payout capabilities. This is because of two reasons, which are the legally required casino checks and controls, and also the payment processing methods. On this basis, we have analysed sites in the vital categories below.

Payout Processing Times

Processing sounds like an uncertain term, but it really makes sense once you understand it. Fundamentally, there are clearance steps that have to be made with the casino and then the payment. Online casinos have previously been used by money launderers, so security steps are needed to crack down on crime.

Casino Checks and Controls

Casino sites are quick and accessible because they wait until the withdrawal stage before making their necessary checks. In some cases, this will be quicker for players who are withdrawing to a credit card they have already used, as this can act as form of identity check in the UK.

However, some players will be asked to send scanned versions of their driving license or passport. Also included at this stage will be the fraud checks, which will entail the casino evaluating that there has been no breach in rules, terms and conditions, or wagering requirements.

Payment Method Processing

The likes of Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal can offer instant online casino payout times in many cases, but you also need to consider when the funds will be in your bank account. The bank needs to perform its own checks and can also delay the processing time when completed late at night. Try to be mindful that daytime transactions are quicker if you want an online casino with same day payout service.

Top Tips for Fast Payouts

Once you know how the system works, you can majorly speed up your withdrawal times. Check out these tips for speeding up your payouts:

  1. Use an active e-wallet: An e-wallet with an active bank account or credit card can be used instantly.
  2. Check the casino: View the withdrawal methods and check the processing times, fees, and any related requirements.
  3. Withdraw earlier: Making withdrawals during the daytime and from an e-wallet will ensure your bank gives you quicker access to the money.
  4. Choose smaller amounts: Asking for smaller amounts will draw less attention and could give you quicker access before withdrawing the remaining funds.

Other Considerations

This is an extremely deep topic to cover, which is why we have come up with some final considerations to analyse in your online casino experience.

Charge Withdrawal Fees

You always want to review a casino’s withdrawal system before you go ahead and request a payout. This will reveal not only the processing time, but also whether or not sneaky fees are attached. You find need to find an alternative payment method, but it’s worth it to preserve your winnings.

Overly Complex Rules

Sometimes it will feel like you are being exposed unnecessarily complex rules. On a first withdrawal, it’s not unreasonable to be asked to complete some security steps and verify your identity, but maybe you should look to another site if you continually face red tape.

High Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

Another factor to watch out for is the minimum withdrawal limit, as this will differ between casinos and payment methods. While one casino might let you withdraw £10, there are others that will make you wait until you have £30.

Deposits have almost always been quicker than withdrawals, but now you know get access to your winnings quicker.

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