European roulette is the preferred version for many online casino players, but not everyone knows why. You can find out the reason and along with many other helpful tips in this informative guide. First, though, it’s time to highlight the top places for enjoying European roulette online.

Games and Features

With European roulette real money games, there are different options out there to cater to players and their respective needs. In this section, you can expect summary of what to expect from standard, low stakes, multi-table, and mobile.


Standard roulette is one of the simplest versions to get right, with developers NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech all offering smooth and functional experiences. The typical is to play European or US, but it’s better sticking with the former, as the house edge is lower, which means you have a better chance of beating the dealer. US roulette actively makes things tougher by including the double zero.

Low Stakes

These roulette games will let you play at lower values than normal roulette, with the focus being more on the gaming experience than the wagering. Most developers will let you go low, but it can be tough to get into the pennies. For low stakes, the pro is that you can save money and still play roulette, while the con is that you don’t get to take full advantage of the higher-value outcomes, such as winning on a single number (35/1).


This version adds complexity by including additional roulette wheels. Playtech is one of the top developers of multi-table roulette games, for those who want to seek them out. However, these games are not quite as necessary as multi-hand blackjack, as in roulette you can just ramp up your bets. Nevertheless, this option is out there for players who want to back the same number on multiple tables.


Mobile acts as an umbrella in that it can cover standard roulette, low stakes, multi-table, and more popular variants. All of the software providers above also excel at producing European roulette mobile games.

The obvious strength with mobile is that players can take the games on the go or sit on their sofa to enjoy some tablet-based action. One slight drawback, though, is that you need a stable internet connection and the smaller screens can make it tough to play multi-table.

Rules and Strategy

Roulette is a game that is determined entirely at random, whereas card games integrate more in-depth decision-making each hand. Nevertheless, there are still some things you can do to raise your strategy to better support your performance.

  • Play European roulette: This version of roulette does not have the double zero that is present in the US game. Now, what this means is that you have a higher return to player (RTP) percentage of 97.3%, while the house edge of 2.70% is much more beneficial than the 5.26% of US. Just look at the wheel to ensure double zero is never displayed.
  • Use a budget: Before starting a game, make sure to choose a budget and definitely stick to it. If you lose all of the budget then you absolutely walk away, as losses can build up when you start chasing winnings.
  • Stay on target: There is a similar lesson for when you are doing well. You should also set a target for how much you want to win with your stake, but bear in mind that doubling your stake is an excellent outcome. It’s easy to get caught up in a run of wins, which is why you need the discipline to stop when you reach your target.
  • Betting systems aren’t foolproof: Roulette systems offer security because they take the decision-making out of your hands, but they do not guarantee winnings. They can be useful for their clarity, but remember that your bets have no bearing on the outcome of the wheel.

European roulette offers a superior house edge and a higher RTP than American, so make sure to play this version when visiting any of the casinos above.

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